Apsis Science and Technology

Apsis Science and Technology LLC (abbr. Apsis Tech) has been providing turn-key engineering services and engineering support technologies since its founding in 2017. Take the first step toward realizing your product design vision, and contact us today!

Radio Metrology – Inline VSWR Sensors.

Apsis Tech has developed a novel approach to Radio metrology, the science of including sensors in place in a radio transmitter/receiver to monitor its performance and functionality. These devices come in board mount and connectorized versions, and are perfect for remote deployed radio systems where long term device performance is critical. Check out our line of inline VSWR sensors today!

Solarium – A Remote Sensing / Monitoring Platform

Solarium is a new approach to data logging. Like most modern data loggers, it supports a wide variety of sensors for hydrology, meteorology, and many other disciplines, as well as internet connectivity through the cellular network. On top of that, it includes an embedded Linux computer that supports edge processing, meaning the device can make smart decisions in real time and react to what it sees. It supports power off the grid and solar. See our product page for more details, and contact us today for more information!