What is it?

Are you a transportation geek? Do you enjoy nice aesthetics? MetroMap displays the train positions for the DC Metro System in Real-Time on an attractive LED display. It grabs the train data over WiFi, so is compact and self contained. MetroMap is a perfect addition to a work desk or a bookshelf.

Our device was featured in an article on Technical.ly. Check it out here!

How does it work?

MetroMap utilizes the WMATA Developer API, a free tool that can be used to poll for information about the DC metro system. The MetroMap software, written in Python, grabs the live train positions once every 10 seconds and displays the data on a custom LED display. The display is laser cut in semi-transparent tinted acryllic, and the LEDs are colored according to their train lines for a very mesmerizing retro look.

The code is open source, check it out at our github page. Setup/User guides are available there too.

How can I get one?

You can buy directly from us, just click the button below! The price is $399.00 each. For questions related to purchasing, please email contact@apsistech.com